What's the dealio, Serenwilde?



  • I appreciate your lack of meaningful discourse in this conversation, honey :)
  • MaligornMaligorn Windborne

    Okpara said:

    I'll take into account who's giving those explanations as well.


  • I never told anyone they were roleplaying 'wrong' and got along rather amiably with two inductors, the ones I believed myself to be working with, and in the exact fashion I intended to present myself. I would further believe that my actions being classified as obnoxious is a bit overzealous of a term, especially once I began one on one conversations, but perhaps I'm simply missing the point in all of this. After all, I've got several people here informing me that I'm the improper value in this entire equation.
  • Those are all pretty excellent points.

    My only contention would be that the summary of Seren's problems weren't my own presumptions so much as what was described to me by those within the Org at this time. I accept that even that may be a matter of perspective relative to those who've explained the current state of affairs, though.
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