Anybody experiencing extreme latency lately? I am having issues frm both my home ISP and also my server (Server is just a single hop from

Sure, while I can appreciate latency from home, but from a server on the next hop from IRE, I remain conspicuous.


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    Draylor said:

    I remain conspicuous.

    To quote the best movie of all time, I do not think it means what you think it means. That or autofail strikes again.
  • I haven't noticed much lag at all lately. There's been the one lag spike of about 15s or so today, but that's all I've seen. And I've got a warning system that tells me if there's a longer ping than 1s to Lusternia, so I should've picked up on it.
  • No lag here.
  • Thanks, guys. Guess I'll just keep an eye on things.
  • Yeap I was the other day.  There was nothing wrong with my ISP connection (which is normally my problem) but I was getting a super slow response from the Lusternia server.


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    I just died to lag, which is strange. Usually my connection's really snappy (when I'm at the library, anyway, which I am now. At home's where I do all my low-intensity stuff like writing, reading, etc.).

    The fun thing about being in Gaudi is that you can blame lag on "those goddamn aeonic experiments that the Hallifaxians are always up to"!
  • If it's constant lag, you can always use traceroute or similar to see where the hiccups occur.
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