Announce Post #3383: Endzones Review

Now that Endzones have been out for a while, we are looking at what tweaks we can make to make them more fun, more challenging, and more even. There are a number of issues that have been brought to us and put together they warrant a full reset of scores before they are implemented to keep things fair. A season 2, essentially.

Because of that, we are seeking to gather additional ideas and thoughts on the issues already brought to us. We initially wanted to run the discussion as a report to keep it all in-game but it is unfortunately too complex a discussion for report comments to properly address it. As such you can now find the discussion on the forums instead under this link:

One thing we want to bring to your attention immediately though is that due to oversight it has been possible to enter ongoing Grimkeep runs through other means than Ronai after the 5-minute joining window has passed. Before this is properly patched up we want to make it clear that this is not permitted and HELP ENDZONES has been updated to reflect that.
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