Announce Post #3379: Spring Extravaganza

For the month of May, we have a couple of things for you to take advantage of and look forward to!

We'll be having a 30% credit sale, meaning you'll get an additional 30 credits for every 100 purchased. The above will come in handy as a sale on -all- artifacts in the in-game Artifact Shop (HELP ASHOP) is back. Absolutely everything is 20% off for the entire month of May. If you've been saving for it, now's the time to purchase it. Or, save up because auctions are coming later in the month.

In addition, all through this month you will be able to buy all existing curio packages directly from the website under Artifact Packages. Curio packages that are only available in a limited fashion are once again available too. Among them:

- marionettes
- pet curios
- macarons
- zemeran curios (toys, masks, and bubbles)
- winter curios
- batons
- genies
- red heart curios
- treasure maps
- poteen pots
- macarons
- race curios

Check out the bottom of HELP CURIOS for the full list of curio-related helpfiles.

Finally, you will also gain increasingly more experience throughout May due to D'varsha's Illuminating Weeks. See HELP PROMO DAYS for details of how this works.


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