Announce Post #3358: Solstice Activities

With Solstice in full swing, here's a full rundown of what is happening right now!


Ironbeard has started making the rounds, bearing gifts for the lucky recipients. All you have to do is be online as Ironbeard will find you regardless of where you may be - in a tree, in a submarine, or in a domoth. Once you have received a gift, he will only add you back to his list the next day.


Keep an eye out for Jolly Bundy sending his fellow gnomes out with a few more presents into the Basin of Life every once in a while. When you find one, just influence them with Charity (AB INFLUENCE BEGGING for full details) to get hold of a present. Remember that you can only get a present this way once an hour - so if you find a Solstice gnome and you've already had a present, share it with your friends!

Gnomes will not be found swimming, snorkeling, or diving in the seas but could be found in sea-located or related areas (the Cay, Spectre Isle, etc.). You will also not find them on far away continents like Mount Dio or Icewynd, or hard to reach places like Lirangsha, but they have been exploring the Undervault. Keep an eye out for Gaaglin and the Academy too as they have found their way there.

If you are unsure whether it is worth looking for gnomes when there has not been an announcement about them arriving recently, we got you covered too. Check with the gnome at the visitor's playpen in Solstice Court. If you ask him if all the gnomes returned yet, he will let you know if there's stragglers out there still!

Solstice Court

The baying of unruly huskies heralded the opening of the Solstice Court located upon the Jolly Drifts. Eager visitors can visit it by CATCHing snowflakes drifting upon the highways or taking one of the husky-pulled sleighs parked along Stairs of the Last Nine, right outside the Aetherplex (ENTER SLEIGH). That scenic route offers room for a party of up to four and the leader decides how fast the sleigh will go. To return, simply PULL the rope within the manor or ENTER one of the sleighs at the sleighgrounds departure site for a quick return.

Once there, be sure to visit the bridge where several retired gnomes have taken up residence and peddle their wares. If you forgot to bundle up before leaving for such icy climes, you can purchase warm clothes on the bridge too. Be sure to swear the vow with Steward Tombin to receive your leaflet which will guide you through the Solstice quest and the various activities there. The reward is a stocking that you can hang for yourself or others. There is a special Vengeance game to be played in the manor too!

Be sure to check out the ever more challenging skating experience, meet the guests, send gifts and postcards, enjoy the ambience, the adorable penguins and huskies, and more. There is a special Solstice-themed Vengeance game to be played in the manor too.

We are continuing to add new things every so often so you're bound to find new things if you visit again!

Winter is Here

Frost Spite's none too happy about winter being associated with joy so he has cursed the Basin of Life with a frosty spell. The weather has cooled everywhere and snow has fallen in all nations of the Basin of Life. Magnagora and Gaudiguch will notice their snow is more of the sooty variety thanks to the smokestacks and the neighbouring caldera respectively, but it will work all the same! PROBE the snow to see how to interact with it and be sure to make some much requested snow angels.
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