Announce Post #3357: Solstice Schedule

With Lusternia's Solstice on the horizon, we want to let you know what our schedule will look like ahead of time. All our regular events will be returning this year and there is a lot to keep one festive!

17th December - Solstice Court will open and winter will come.
18th-31st December - Ironbeard and gnomes will be making appearances.
20th-26th December - You will be able to claim all daily credits with HAPPYHOLIDAYS.
21st December - Solstice Quests will open in cities and communes.
21st December - Solstice Vouchers will be able to be redeemed.

Both Solstice Court and Solstice Quests will close after the 7th of January so you should have three weeks to both visit the frosty place and complete the quests.

That's not all so stay tuned because we're hard at work!
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