Announce Post #3349: Anniversary Contest Results

There is never a better time to rally for the chicken revolution than the Festival of the Creatrix. And so, each of the chicken generals posed a challenge to the inhabitants of the Basin of Life to see how well they could cope under pressure in the hope of finding a few who could join their ranks.

First, Buck, the Iniquitous Chicken had an exciting Treasure Hunt for the adventurers of Lusternia. Sitting on the summit of Avechna's Peak, he revealed that he had found a mysterious sketchbook from an artist who had sketched the real life places seen in their dreams, and Buck offered rewards to the first people who found all the locations depicted in the sketchbook. Vivet was the first to find a clue, but Ayisdra quickly overtook her and kept the lead for most of the competition, closely trailed by Galaphyrae, Tikki, and Vivet, with one or few of them briefly catching up to Ayisdra. However, in the end, it was Ayisdra, Vivet, and Tikki, all from Hallifax, who claimed the prizes of first, second and third place.

Pluck, the Cantankerous Chicken, though confused by whether the challenge was 'Daath' or 'Death,' spurred the Basin to a challenge of murderous proportions. Calling for a bloodbath, the Death Challenge was begun. Huskii of Serenwilde took a commanding lead right away, and maintained that lead right up to the very end, claiming first place. Following up was Kistan and Freja, both of Magnagora, who mid-way battled over second place. In the end, Freja would win that struggle for second, and Kistan would take third.

Then it was time for Xuck, the Strategic Chicken, to rally for the revolution and see who's got the smarts to join the fowl troops. There was only one way for such a strategist - Battlechess. And so the nations of the Basin of Life put forth a total of five teams and it was Glomdoring that was victorious in the end, taking home the Chessboard of Libertas with its mysterious powers. As it turned out, Exeryte was no duck.

Hyuck, being the Affable Chicken that he is, rallied the Basin to sway its inhabitants to the Chicken Revolution in the name of Harmony. Freja of Magnagora was the first to join the cause, soon followed by Teladahi of New Celest and Lendren of Serenwilde. Others would soon follow suit, but Freja was never overtaken from her demanding lead and came in first. Followed by Madungonga and Lendren, both of Serenwilde.

Finally, it came time for Duck, the Confused Chicken, to figure some things out and what better way than to lean on the collective knowledge of others? A quiz was called, and sure enough, Duck struggled to formulate her questions at first but then they flowed. And they were gruelling indeed, asking about things few consider. What does Grokgar, the Yellow Overseer, actually oversee? Question for the ages. When the quiz came to a close, Zagreus of Magnagora was named winner, Galaphyrae of Serenwilde came in second, and Sabik of Hallifax came in third.

Content, the generals withdrew for the moment at the close of the Festival of the Creatrix but when next will they strike?
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