Announce Post #3344: The Festival of the Creatrix

The Festival of the Creatrix has now been declared open!

You can find the lovely Agwesha and all of her wares upon the Path of Solitude, where she will remain as long as the Festival is open. You can path track there with a landmark - FESTIVALWARES. Buy decorations, toys, and even the rare doll of the Creatrix Herself so that you can celebrate the Festival as fervently as it deserves. Beware the chicken revolution and its cunning ways. Thankfully the pinatas have been defeated.


The Menestrean Wayfaire has made its way into the Basin of Life once again, too. This year, you may find the Wayfaire just west of Estelbar. If you are having trouble, just look for the new temporary landmark - Wayfaire.

As well as containing all of the usual attractions - multiple quests that culminate in an honour line and award 500 aethergoop - the Wayfaire has some fancy, and potentially sharp-toothed, playground equipment. There is also a food stall with an assortment of tasty snacks!

Do not forget to pick up a mystical beast or two from Old Man Gryphta's shop as well, and incubate them right away! The shop also has some bouncing vials, a bottle you can play spin the bottle with, and some dice.

Great Hunt

The Great Hunt is on once again! Gather your supplies and set out to hunt and influence your way to victory. The Hunt will last until midnight GMT on October 26th (at the weave).

You will earn double experience during the Great Hunt and all your slaying and influencing will count towards the score. Check out HELP GREATHUNT for details about the rules, rewards, and tiers.


Refer to the original post, Announce #3342, for all Anniversary announcements and dates as we have more games lined up for this week.
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