Announce Post #3337: Tessie's Shop

As you may have seen or heard, the fourth completion of a Horizon Walkers Treasure Hunt grants one-time access to a new shop ran by Tessie Snapfuse, a member of the Guild. This information is now available at the bottom of HELP TREASURE HUNT as well. You will not be able to see her wares unless you have the invitation, but you can still visit her at her new location at the pilgrim camp.

We have stocked Tessie's shop full of past Creatrix Festival treasure hunt items and through no small effort, updated all of them to ensure they can be done at any time and provide necessary information on how to do so as well. Being that some of them are quite old or relied on a very specific setup, some small issues may still crop up. Please bug them as you see them but hopefully we have accounted for all scenarios (such as the Observatory no longer existing, for example!).

You will be able to request the item to do this hunt at Tessie's new spot (STRETCH to get it) and complete the treasure hunt until the 3rd of September (inclusive). If you miss out, worry not, there's always future ones!
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