Announce Post #3336: August Treasure Hunt

Whether you are an accomplished explorer or only starting out, this upcoming Horizon Walkers treasure hunt is for you. It will focus only on locations in the Basin of Life and will not be as challenging as a Nature Trial would be, but serves as great practice for one!

Date: 26th August, 3pm GMT


1st Place - 200 credits + reskinned Silver Compass of True Directions
2nd Place - 150 credits
3rd Place - 100 credits

All participants will have until the end of the following week after the hunt (3rd September inclusive) to pick up the hunt item and complete the treasure hunt. Everyone who completes the treasure hunt will be rewarded 2000 aethergoop (including for those who place) and their hunt item will transform into one of the collectables. If you missed the previous ones, this will be your chance to catch up on those and maybe even pick up something much older if you have all of them already.

For information on how to prepare for a Treasure Hunt see Announce #3321 and HELP TREASURE HUNT.
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