Announce Post #3334: Upcoming Family Honour Change

Posting on behalf of Ais who's leading the project:

Hey all. We have a pending change we're looking to implement and want to get player input on it. Family honour is what it is, players more involved than myself have waxed poetic here about it if you aren't clear on what's up.

We have a long term idea about how to improve the system. We'll go into that at a later date. In the short term however, we're looking to freeze and hide family honour entirely. This means no gain or loss, values are hidden, and eventually will be reset. Culture for family honour will also be ceased. The system stops existing entirely in the interim.

Because we know a lot of players are putting in hours to make it happen, we're looking to reward that effort during the freeze by providing a reward that will be implemented in the new system. While we're a bit fuzzy on specifics right now, the main points are as follows:

- The reward will primarily be roleplay-only and focused around family identity.
- There will be a level of customization available to the reward. How customizable will depend on how much honour you have at the time of the freeze. The brackets will be generous, so there is no need for a last minute grind.
- No upkeep to the reward.
- When the new system comes out and honour is reset, anybody family who received the reward will retain everything they've received as a head start.

Leave any questions, comments, concerns on the forums, where this post will appear as well, or in the #feedback channel on Discord. If nothing major is raised, we're looking to implement the freeze some time this week. The reward in question will be implemented some time after the freeze with no timeframe available at time of this post.
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