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Hey guys, I use to play Aetolia maybe 10 years ago - back then I was able to use a general system for healing and I created my own simple aliases for combat. Is it still like that or do I need to find a specialized system for my class(serenguard/ Cavalier spec(soon) and Tracking)


  • Hi Yanz! There is server-side curing now, which is under AB Discipline Curing (AC [ON|OFF], AC to review toggles and priorities) and will handle most things. If you encounter any bugs or gaps, feel free to BUG in-game.

    I am not sure what is currently available for tracking wounds/afflictions on a combat opponent. What client do you use?
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  • Hey Xiran 

    So I currently play through Nexus but I do have access to Mudlet and Mushclient. I prefer Mudlet but either one works as well.
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    The only PvP system that I know of is Crown, which is Mushclient based and may only be available to a select few. Otherwise you will be plenty successful in combat working with just aliases and stratagems. For PvE,  (bashing and influencing), a system called Bloom is the go-to system.
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    Bloom is a Mudlet system, by the by, and its author also has a basic combat tracking system that's not awful (ILU Llani.) but it's for tracking levelled affs stuck on you, like burns, cloudcoils, deathmarks, that kind of thing. Like people said, there aren't many PvP systems that people are willing to share.
  • Good news for warriors is that you can assess wounds to get an idea of their state without needing any kind of internal tracking system. You would definitely want to set up highlights and need to practice, but it's doable without a system. I would suggest that axelord is going to get you the best results if going minimalist - it's strong and only has one weapon to swing each balance, pureblade should be okay too but isn't as powerful as a skill in general.

    Some things you absolutely would want though would be a def up package (basically put up and maintain defenses) which is available on mudlet, scent and go - which is also available on mudlet, and some other utility bits and ends like bloom for influencing/bashing.

    If you end up playing I strongly recommend joining the official discord which is far more active than the forums and somebody can hook you up with some of the mudlet packages there.

    The official discord link is here:
  • While I have not done much of anything with combat (as I never really got into it) I have a boatload of utility and other things for Nexus here:
    If you mean to be a combatant, though, and you don't mind the computer-specific installation that Mudlet forces you to because you already only play on one device, move to Mudlet. While a few of the bits of Crystal could be useful in building a combatant system, building that is not something I'm ever going to do.
  • Llani, who coded Bloom, supplied, "you can do fine as warrior with some aliases and things. You do generally want discern triggers as well, but nothing that requires an elaborate system."

    In-game or on the Discord server, you can also find Serenwilde's Security Minister Veara, who is also is a cavalier.
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  • (grain of salt, as I'm a non-combat)
    One thing to recognize is that the PvP meta on game is usually team-vs-team based. Position awareness, as well as being able to identify friends and foes is key to PvP.
    Getting a NDB (name database) can be a gamechanger here. It will let you highlight names of players based on their org. Other things to consider are anything to assist with your position awareness; being able to track allies and enemies, and trying not to get seperated, while tracking enemies who do. Scent and go is useful for this; as a new player you'll likely want to be using Totems skill Wolf as part of this.

    There is a copy NDB 3.0 it on Ashira's repo:

  • I think my biggest problem with combat especially group combat is just all of the lines of text. I think some of you guys mentioned scripts and systems that can help with that though. I'm not much of a coder though so I worry that I'll pick up one of these system and not even know how to set it up.
  • Hey, seren Cavalier here. As others have stated most of warrior offense can be done with a few simple highlights and aliases, though having a very basic wound tracking alias does help.

    If there's any cavalier specific questions, feel free to poke me on discord or in game and I can help out there.

    As for the spam, spam is one of the most difficult hurdles to getting into combat. But don't be daunted by it, start slow, bit by bit. Getting a few gags (triggers that delete text) should be rather easy to setup in mudlet (asking people in #mudlet_support for help may be good). Basically paring a 'new trigger' + 'line you want to not see' and as code just 'deleteLine()' will make that line go for good. Just make sure you apply 'exact match'  from the dropdown instead of the normal 'substring' match.

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