Announce Post #3301: Manse Description Guidelines

Most of you are undoubtedly well-acquainted with the infamous "A very boring room. Change this" generic manse room title that comes pre-packed with a fulcrux orb and a room box. From this point onwards though, all new manse rooms will have a more in-character title and come with an actual description out of the box. We are rolling out this change alongside the addition of description guidelines for our HELP MANSES file. This new section introduces no changes though, instead it puts down on paper what has always been true: that manses can be pretty much anything, but since they exist in-game, they should be written in-character. While obvious in theory, it is still preferable for such guidelines to be explicitly stated so no confusion occurs.

Though the recent WHO and EWHO list changes hide manse room titles, it is still possible to at least glean the title of the manse room someone is in through other means. As such, finding someone in a room called, for example, "Left Wing of Westminster Abbey" or "Stop looking. Nothing to see here!" can be jarring and immersion-breaking, and we have received numerous complaints about similar instances. We want to be very clear though that we are not interested in policing manses and will only investigate if a very jarring example is brought to us. No disciplinary action will be taken in those situations, we will only ask that the title be adjusted. Room descriptions are unlikely to ever be an issue, unless something very out-of-character is included in a very public or organisation-deeded manse.

Finally, at the time of writing there are 8142 manse rooms titled "A very boring room. Change this" out there. Owners have until 9th of April, inclusive, to change these as they see fit. On the 10th, remaining rooms will be automatically upgraded to the new generic description:

title: a simple room in shades of grey
description: The spacious but unadorned room is lit up by thin glass stripes running along the walls, their lengths emitting a soft luminosity. Painted a pale grey colour, the walls enclose an empty square space with a white ceiling and a floor laid with dark grey tiles. A faint aetheric current can be sensed circulating in the air like a draught ushered in from the beyond.
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