Announce Post #3297: Producer Ride-Along

I would like to invite you all to an experimental digital ride-along with me that will take place tomorrow. It will be hosted on a stage channel on our Discord server (see HELP DISCORD) but the ride-along itself will be text-based rather than voice-based. If you are unfamiliar with how stage channels work, the gist of it is that you join them and are auto-muted and cannot speak even if you wanted to. You become an audience member and you join/leave quietly. You can open text chat for stages the same way you would for voice channels, a button at the top right.

The event will start on March 12th at 5pm GMT (server time) and end at 2am GMT. It may last longer if necessary to wrap things up for the day. There will be short breaks for food and drink. As mentioned above, the event will be in text form rather than voice. There are two main reasons for that. One, you will be able to jump in and out throughout the day and not miss a beat, and two - my poor vocal cords!

Now, onto the content of the ride-along itself. I'd like to take you through an ordinary producer day. Sometimes I will be able to go into detail and other times I will need to be vague as to what is on my plate. Even so, I can discuss the process, the steps, and the findings or resolutions, and you can ask questions. There will naturally be pauses while work happens, but I will do my best to comment on things as I move along.

Provided there is no world-shattering disaster that Ealix needs to handle instead, he may join me at some point for a bugfixing session. If that happens, we'll switch to screensharing and voice. If not tomorrow, we'll instead livestream some bugfixing another time.

If you cannot or do not end up joining me tomorrow, the stage channel will still be there for you to read through. Hope to see you there!
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