SimpleSternia - Simplified PVP Lines

Following a discussion on the forums I've whipped up SimpleSternia. It's not wholly complete and needs a fair amount of regex but it's relatively stable. I'll probably pick at this over the next week or two to encompass all the lines for each skillset/ability as people come available, but if you'd like to contribute lines or use it, please feel free! I'd very much appreciate people helping with populating the regex library, but I will eventually chip away at it all.

In essence, it's just a wrapper for PVP flavourtext that lets you specify a set of formats to replace ability flavourtext with some easily human digestible echo. 

For example, with the default config pattern for a regular attack:
"Enemy calls down an inquisition upon you, and a pillar of holy fire strikes you from the heavens. A bright pain streaks through your body but you cannot move or even cry out in agony."
"Enemy uses Inquisition on you."
You can additionally modify the formats in the imported mudlet script using the keywords ATTACKER VICTIM USES VIS AIS SKILLSET ABILITY LIMB so that 
"ATTACKER USES SKILLSET ABILITY against VICTIM" -> "Enemy uses Sacraments Inquisition against you". 
"ATTACKER::SKILLSET::ABILITY::VICTIM" -> "Enemy::Sacraments::Inquisition::you"

Either use the mudlet mpackage or run the lua mpackage one-line installer. 
Github repo:

Change the StimpleSternia script in the imported file.
SimpleSterniaInit - Don't run this unless you call the following SimpleSterniaUpdate function
SimpleSterniaUpdate - Updates the lines by pulling from the github repo. This is entirely manual and does not run unless you tell it to. Requires SimpleSterniaInit after.
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