Announce Post #3278: New Artifacts and Customisation

We are releasing a few new artifacts! Some are expansions of existing artifacts and systems, and some entirely new. To aid you in getting your hands on them, we have added them both to the Artifact Shop (see HELP ASHOP) and the Artifact Cart on the website ( under "New Artifacts".

If you are using the cart and have an Iron Elite Membership, be sure to log into the website before purchasing anything. The normal Artifact Cart discount is 30% on everything inside, while membership owners enjoy a 40% discount. Various curio packages and limited access artifacts are still in Artifact Cart too and you will be able to take advantage of that till the end of the month.

New Artifacts:

o Gnome Race Hat (ASHOP 1260)
o Gnome Emote Pin (ASHOP 1262)
o Fink Race Hat (ASHOP 1261)
o Fink Emote Pin (ASHOP 1263)
o Colourful Inkpad (ASHOP 1264)
o Manse Knockers/Bells (ASHOP 1265 and 1266)
o Single Flower Manse Gardens (ASHOP 1270, 1271, 1272)
o New Manse Tenant Generators (ASHOP 1273, 1274, 1275)

The race hats and emote pins are an expansion of our existing hat and pin artifacts, now also allowing one to don the appearance and use the emotes of a gnome and fink.

The ink pad allows one to stamp letters without the need for tints and palettes. And looks good doing it.

Knockers are new manse artifacts which you can place in a room of your choice (but ideally near the entrance) so that guests calling upon you can announce their arrival in style. The knockers come in a knocker and bell variety and are fully customisable, meaning you can customise their description and action lines. See HELP ITEM CUSTOMISATION for the overview and the updated HELP ACTION LINES for the rest.

Single Flower Manse Gardens are near identical in function to the lush gardens grown in manses from aether seeds (ASHOP 527), except that they grow only one type of flower. Their descriptions reflect that and they show up in the room in the colour matching their flowers, the same way the generic garden shows in green. We have redone how we do gardens and pots entirely, allowing us to expand this even more in the future. You can find all of them with ASHOP LIST KEYWORD GARDEN.

Finally, the new manse tenant generators will allow you to fill your manses with adorable bunnies, puppies, and skeletons. You can find all of them with ASHOP LIST KEYWORD TENANTS.
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