Autumn Harvest Raffle

AD 491

In the spirit of its Autumn Harvest Festival, the Serenwilde Commune opens its raffle to unenemied folk of Magnagora, Gaudiguch, New Celest, and the free spirits of the Basin. The raffle ends at the weaving in early Dioni, 633 CE. ((Oct 31, 2022 at 00:00 GMT))

1 TICKET MAX PER LOT sold by Jolanthe - 15,000 gold per ticket

Please mail Serenwilde Steward Jolanthe a note with your name, gold, and lottery IDs. You may bid on as many lots as you wish (e.g., lots A through D), but only one ticket per lot.

A: 4 Wondercrystals
B: 4 Wondercrystals
C: 4 Wondercrystals
D  4 Wondercrystals
E: Waystation Curio Collection Set
F: Waystation Curio Collection Set
G: 10 legendary ikons (duplicates)
H: 25 Golden Tonics
I: 25 Golden Tonics
J: a 34 room manse
K: Xiran Design Commissions (3)
L: Xiran Design Commissions (3)

Active: Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday EST

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