Announce Post #3266: Treasure Hunt Results

Buck, the Iniquitous Chicken has become the chicken to go to for free items with a treasure hunt attached! This Festival of the Creatrix, he shouted from the top of Avechna's Peak, asking adventurers throughout the land to come and receive some glittering crystal shards he found near the Transcendental Fulcrux, noting that they gave visions. He then beseeched them go forth to follow where the visions led them, promising a reward for those who came first!

Galaphyrae became the first to find the location of a vision. However, some members of the family Dahyu: Afrit, Nepenthe, Finley, quickly caught up on her lead and surpassed her. The contest soon became a test of speed, will, and cooperation. The Dahyus kept the lead for most of the hunt, with Nepenthe as trailblazer, and the others coming not far behind. And yet, where the Dahyus excelled in their familial cooperation and camaraderie, Galaphyrae did so in her dogged solo determination.

Eventually, each of the mentioned frontrunners came to a block on their path - the Dahyus on one perplexing vision, and Galaphyrae on another - and Afrit, reaching out, offered a trade of ideas. The moment the the trade went through, all four frontrunners were on the move. Finley came close but overshot the goal, and in the end, it was Galaphyrae who claimed Buck's prize. And the Dahyus did not follow much behind.

The winners of the Treasure Hunt are as follows:
First Place (300 credits): Galaphyrae, of Serenwilde
Second Place (150 credits): Nepenthe, of Gaudiguch
Third Place (50 credits): Finley, of Gaudiguch
Honourable Mention: Afrit, of Gaudiguch

Buck revealed after the declaration of winners that the theme of the hunt was "shards of the Divine". The hunt will continue to be available to do until the end of next weekend. Latecomers may go to the summit of Avechna's Peak, and TOASTESTARRA to receive their own crystal shard from Buck!
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