Leaving(probably again)

As per the title, I've decided to step away from Lusternia for a while. No particular reason, beyond that I haven't been enjoying playing it much for a while, and I'm not really inclined to make alts either. I don't think I can ever retire Kethaera, if only because I still might go back to editing the defense system, and it's easier as her than any new character is likely to be.

In any case, if anyone uses the defense system here: https://github.com/lauraW522/defenses and wants updates/changes/improvements, please:
  • Talk to Ashira She's been looking at it and I figure she's easier to contact for many people
  • Send a forum/discord message to me
  • Raise it as an issue on Github
If you actually want/need me to to do something to it, option 3 is the best way to go. Please note I will be very unlikely to add or change a single defense - I made the database with the idea in mind that pretty much anyone can find and fix things in it themselves. If it's a problem with the actual code, I will look at it.

For anyone who already knows me, I'm still contactable on Discord. If you never spoke to me before, well, TOO LATE NOW. (Just kidding you're all great even if we didn't talk much). Ya'll be well.
"Chairwoman," Princess Setisoki states, holding up a hand in a gesture for her to stop and returning the cup. "That would be quite inappropriate. One of the males will serve me."
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