Announce Post #3243: Questions for Ephemerals

As we are looking to take on new Ephemerals soon, we would like to give you a glimpse into life as an Ephemeral. This will take the form of a blog post where our Ephemerals answer questions about anything and everything about being an Ephemeral.

Ask your questions on the forums thread or, if you would like to do so more anonymously, e-mail Please also keep in mind that not all questions can make it into the final pool for a variety of reasons too (NDAs, etc.)!


  • 1. What are the time requirements from an Eph?
    2. What are the skill requirements of an Eph?
    3. When will you admit the Ephs are actually the gremlins?
    4. What are the different niches Ephs can fulfill behind the scenes?
    5. Can an Eph ever return to their character if they decide to stop?
    6. Can an Eph get a Cloier as a mount?
    7. Are Ephs strictly forbidden from staying in contact with player friends?
    8. What does Eph training usually entail?

    Love you all, good luck to all of those becoming an Eph!
  • What would auto disqualify you from being considered for one?

  • Please remember these questions are for our Ephemerals and about their experiences and life in Havens. A lot of the questions above are things they cannot answer.
  • 1. What was your first day as an Ephemeral like?
    2. What do you regret, if anything, leaving behind the most as a former player?
    3. Can you describe the typical preparation and training for a god-role?
    4. What surprised you the most, or subverted your expectations regarding being in the Havens?
    5. What is your favorite task as an Ephemeral?
    6. Is there a funny moment or blooper that you find memorable?
    7. What advice would you give for future Ephs?
    8. What is a fun pastime in the Havens?
  • 1. As you go through your training, how do you deal with either not having the time to do everything you want, or not having the permissions (be it bug fixes only coders could do/things that only specific admin are allowed to touch)
    2. Have you seen your general play time increase or decrease as you went from player to ephemeral (and perhaps as you get closer to the end of training and planning for that godrole)? From that, how much time do you actually spend working on tasks?
    3. Those with more free time, how do you deal with training not going as fast as your time allows? Or are there things that you can do for 5+ hours a day without having senior admin around?
    4. What advice would you give to those that are on edge about staying mortal for less-RP reasons and more mechanically (unspent fortunes, not getting all the limited artifacts one wants, not winning that Seal you want, etc)?
  • Not sure if this is the kind of question you're looking for, but: As an Eph, how much of the work requires coordinating and being online at the same time as certain other admin, versus a lot of "go off and do on your own" work?
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    Can you describe 'a day in the life'? You wake up, grab your coffee and...

    What is your favorite thing about being an eph?

    What is your least favorite thing about being an eph?

    If you could pick one trait or skill that is most important in being successful, what would it be?

    As you move toward preparation for your next step, how much input do you have on which god or visible ephemeral entity you could become? For example, are you able to say "I'd like to prepare to become Valtreth, please?"
  • Thank you all for the questions, we have enough for the blog!
  • Here it is!

    We included the questions that made the most sense to have our Ephemerals answer. There are a few which we will answer in a different blog post, ones that have more universal answers, ones Ephs could not answer, and also ones that do not benefit from multiple people explaining the same thing. 
  • There are now also additional answers to most of the above questions here.
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