Announce Post #3242: Reports Opening

We're opening up reports once again. There was some discussion as to whether we should limit reports to only be 'Quality of Life' reports to reduce what is seen as constant attempts to 'nerf enemies while buffing allies'. We've decided that we do not want to limit reports in such a way at this time, but instead, we're making all comments, besides your own, only visible to the admin. We are hoping this will help focus comments on the merits of the issue at hand.

If you agree with a report, you can either vote in agreement or leave a comment explaining your agreement. Likewise, if you disagree, you can state your reasons for disagreeing in your comments or simply vote to disagree.

We are still going to have both the Consideration period of 15 days, and the Pending period of 15 days to allow players time to both put up their reports and comment on others. Outside of the visibility of comments, nothing about the system is changing. Please review HELP WRITING REPORTS. Following the guidelines there will help your report get approved.

As a heads up, we are going to be much more critical of reports that are asking for nerfs against classes/groups you fight against. I would encourage you to 'reach across the aisle' and get support from them. Doing so will increase the odds of a report getting approved greatly.

Lastly - I will be submitting several 'reports' regarding conflict. Each of these reports will have CONFLICT in capital letters in REPORT LIST view. They will have generic solutions but the goal of these reports will be to gather comments from players. Feel free to comment anything from what your problems with the system are to potential solutions or ideas. Please do not submit reports on conflict issues at all as we have a specific list of issues we would like to look at this round.
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