the Verminator lives!!!

Hello, friendly neighborhood demonnic here. Do you hate vermin?

I mean like, REALLY hate vermin?

Do you wish to eradicate them from the face of the Basin in an efficient and satisfying manner?

Might I suggest you take a look at the Verminator if that is the case?

I took the code I've been using with Irrillian to weevil my way to demi, packaged it up nice, gave it some more configurability, and added lizards, pigeons, and rats to it as well.

If you find any issues with it or think of a feature you'd like, let me know HERE

CAUTION: This requires the demonnicAutoWalker to be installed to function. It's a pretty decent genrunner with a focus on flexibility more than speed, though it's also pretty speedy imo. That being said, what you do with the auto walker is on you, do not AFK bash/vermin/influence/explore/whatever yourself into becoming a shrubbery.
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