Announce Post #3227: May Challenges

Thanks to the enterprising spirit of Korue Dragnet and the desire of Master Quettle to show everyone a better way, we'll see a Death and Harmony Challenge in May.

Death Challenge
21st May, 11pm GMT

Harmony Challenge
29th May, 3pm GMT

The first is a hunting challenge and the second an influence challenge. If you are unfamiliar with how they work, see HELP ASCENSION RULES as the challenges are exactly the same as those held during Ascension.

Be sure to use CONSIDER to analyse denizens ahead of time, scout out your hunting and influencing grounds, and plot out potential paths and order. Remember that others may have similar plans to yours so you must be prepared for those situations and for interference.

Both Challenges will have similar prizes:

1st Place - 200 credits + an artifact*
2nd Place - 150 credits
3rd Place - 100 credits
4-10th Place - 50 credits

Death Challenge artifact: a reskinned divinus whip with customised action lines.
Harmony Challenge artifact: a reskinned Mask of Esteemed Beauty (redone as a sash)
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