Announce Post #3221: May Auctions Galore

For the month of May, we have a couple things for you to take advantage of and look forward to!

We'll be having a 30% credit sale, meaning you'll get an additional 30 credits for every 100 purchased!

Double XP Tuesdays will help you get to your experience/essence goals.

And lastly, we'll be holding four separate auctions throughout May. The first auction starts next weave and will run for one week, followed by 3 more auctions throughout the month. The first and third auctions will be gold auctions whilst the second and fourth auctions will be credit auctions.

Classic auction staples will be returning but you'll hear more about that closer to next weave. For the moment, you can still take a look at what was available last time via AUCTIONS. November auctions lasted one week so it's only a small example of what will be available. Also, we have decided not to introduce new artifacts this time, instead choosing to focus coding resources on more critical projects. But you will still see some interesting things on auction regardless!
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