Events Post #493: It's the Journey That Matters

On a calm wintry night, Tilibe stopped by the Toronada Bridge to water her horses. She had a long way ahead of her still, travelling to Rockholm the peddle her wares, so a short break was well advised. She did not expect this to go so poorly, however. Something growled in the night, her horses spooked, and the sounds that followed suggested she and her cart are now alone and surrounded by nothing but darkness and danger.

She need not have feared as her cries brought those travelling nearby to her rescue. Though the highway was dark and empty at first, the bridge soon filled with people. Aodharth Myeras came upon her first and then half a dozen others at least. While Aodharth built a fire to keep the terrified tae'dae warm, Esei Shee-Slaugh and Tau Shee-Slaugh drew the story out of her. Though safer, Tilibe desperately needed to find a place to rest for the night, somewhere where she could keep an eye on her valuables and decide what to do next. She was in luck, too, for Esei knew just the place and the combined might of Hiresh, Jaamir Ryseni, Esei, and Tau made quick work of moving the now horseless cart.

Though it took them till dawn to make it there, once they arrived at the pilgrim camp at the base of Avechna's Peak, Tilibe realised this is exactly where she needed to be. Not only was there already a small market area set up by visiting pilgrims, those who aided her so were eager to trade the moment they saw what all is packed in her cart. Fresh produce, bottles of milk, bolts of fine silk - everything a trader going village to village needs to make a living.

Though weary now, and the warmth of the fire built anew was easing the terror of the night, Tilibe spoke a little of her planned journey and reasons behind her lifestyle to Tridemon Regalis, Ferne Ladyn, Ialie Starfall, and the others. Left on the outskirts of Estelbar as a cub, she had been brought up at Mrs Trundle's Tae'dae Daycare and wanted to find her parents most of all. She had visited all known tae'dae communities in the Basin of Life but came up short. Still without a family, but now with a new business, she vowed to stay at the camp and curled up to sleep by the fire, safe and warm at last.
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