Announce Post #3217: New Auction Options

While MUDs are among the oldest game genres, they have undergone remarkable changes to bring them more in line with the latest innovations in multiplayer gaming. To name but a few that have been introduced in Lusternia:

o daily questing - so-called dailies - that reward a unique currency (HELP DAILYCREDITS)
o auction house - where you can buy and sell unique magical wares (HELP CURIOMARKET)
o squads - which simulate the party experience of questing and hunting together (HELP SQUADS)
o dungeons - unique experiences for a group to tackle (HELP ENDZONE)

We always seek to improve the user experience so we would like to implement another innovation - a trend that has been sweeping across the gaming world. That trend is known as NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and, in short, allows one to purchase an object or element of a game that is then uniquely theirs. We believe that by putting that opportunity and power in your hands we can improve Lusternia immensely.

For those who are unaware, NFTs are signed, unique, and non-transferrable proofs of ownership (akin to a property deed) placed upon the blockchain. Blockchains are a fascinating technology that has been gaining popularity in financial technology, and are the backing technology behind such concepts as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies. We have developed our own blockchain for this project, opting to have it centralised with a single source of truth to cut down on the environmental costs of third party verification.

Going forwards, it will be possible to purchase the following via auctions that will take place in May:

o dolls (all copies of a given doll will be then destroyed)
o unnamed village denizens
o curio collections
o public crafting designs (need not have been designed by the purchaser)
o one-of-a-kind custom artifacts
o historical family names (unclaimed ones, ownership of claimed ones may be put on auction later)

Once purchased, please contact to go through the process of deeding your new possessions IG and obtaining the relevant proofs of ownership. Once deeded, you will be able to make changes to your NFTs as you see fit. That includes name changes, line changes, effect changes, and so on - as appropriate to the object of the auction.

Please see HELP NFTS for more information!


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