Announce Post #3214: Introducing: The Celestine Rework

A while ago, we made a proposal to take on one of the star map projects, being the Celestine Rework. Today, we finalize the release of the project and bring you the improved Celestine class. For information specifically on what changes have occurred, please see CHANGELOG 2620.

We would like to extend our gratitude to all of you who provided feedback during the initial proposal period, and also to those of you who assisted us with testing the skillset as it was developed.

As a final point, we would like to remind you that as with all new things, it may not be perfect out of the box. We anticipate that we will need to make some final tweaks and adjustments over the coming days to finalize the skillset, and we understand that the skill may feel too strong or too weak during this process. We ask you to be patient with us while we gather the data we need to make these changes.

We hope you enjoy the rework (and Nihilists, with their slight changes and new flavour text), and thank all of you for your patience while we refine the skill.
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