Announce Post #3208: Forum Migration

We will be moving our forums sometime this month from Vanilla hosting to self-hosting. We are migrating the data so have no fear, all your logs and posts will still be there! The reason for the move is simple: forum usage has dropped significantly and Vanilla's hosting is fairly expensive. That said, even in the age of Discord we see high value in maintaining forums so this move will ensure their viability.

We're currently requesting the data and predict the move will take place sometime next week. Once we know the cut-off point, we'll let you know so we can lose as little data as possible (it's possible a few days' worth of comments could get lost).


  • EveriineEveriine Wise Old Swordsbird / Brontaur Indianapolis, IN, USA
    Thank you for keeping the forums around! Discord is great for instant communication, but having an easily searchable, orderly record of posts is still super useful.
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