Events Post #489: Sunflowers

In Roarkian, 612 CE, pilgrims at their resting camp on the side of Avechnaa Peak gathered together to start a garden, wishing to beautify their camping site. Together, they had felt a need to alleviate the horrors and traumas of the past decades, where innumerable pilgrims and other travellers perished to the violence of recent major events. Thus, they had decided to plant a glade of sunflowers to symbolise their hope for the future. Many inhabitants of Lusternia gathered on Avechnaa Peak at the urging of the pilgrimsa spokesperson, an aslaran in a floppy hat, who taught them how to plant his special cultivar of sunflowers.

The aslaran and the other pilgrims for Avechnaa Peak continue to encourage any and all to visit the garden at their camp and to come together to plant even more sunflowers: in hopes of a calmer future, and with wishes for peace.
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