Announce Post #3206: March Learning Extravaganza

The month of March is once again the month of change, learning, and new experiences!

For those of you just getting into Lusternia, or those of you ready to try something new, you can purchase lessons at discounted rates right off the website. Have too many lessons already? Convert them to curios!

Also, you can pick up various artifact packages designed to help on your new adventures. There are options for headstarts in various classes, tiered packages boosting survivability, a beastmaster's package, and even a package for a budding aethercaptain. And if you want to take full advantage of classflexing, see our Ultimate Classflexing Artifact Package!

Free classflexing will be active throughout the month and will enable to you to try new classes or skillsets while adventuring within the Basin. But that's not the only interesting thing about March as rather than a special day of the week (like Klangratch's Mighty Mondays), we'll have entire special weeks. Please enjoy D'varsha's Illuminating Weeks!

For every consecutive day you're logged in, you will progressively receive an ever-increasing experience bonus (to a max of 100%). Here is the breakdown:

Day 1: 10% experience bonus
Day 2: 20% experience bonus
Day 3: 30% experience bonus
Day 4: 40% experience bonus
Day 5: 50% experience bonus
Day 6: 75% experience bonus
Day 7: 100% experience bonus

If you miss logging in a day, you will restart over on day 1 and the count will start over. After day 7, you will restart on day 1. You'll see your current bonus by checking your DEFenses.

See for details!
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