Announce Post #3201: Mortal Reviewer Applications


We would like to remind you that applications for mortal reviewers are still being accepted. Mortal reviewers are responsible for assisting the Charites in reviewing, rejecting, and approving designs submitted by the various crafting cartels across the Basin.

HELP DESIGN REVIEWS answers common questions about the design review process, and HELP 22.2 details how to apply. We strongly encourage you to apply by posting to the Plots newsboard or by emailing Please note that, per Our previous posting, you may submit an application at any time regardless of how recent our last call for mortal reviewers was made.

Note as well: while you do not have to be Trademaster of a cartel to become a mortal reviewer - though such will doubtless be to your credit - you must have successfully submitted at least two designs through the crafting system. These are the minimum criteria for applying.

The Charites
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