Announce Post #3199: Holiday Support Hours

With the holiday season here, the Havens are preparing to enjoy our own holidays and preparing for the new year. Never know, maybe 2022 will finally be it? World peace, health, and prosperity! We're having Kethuru cross all his tentacles.

Much like last year, starting now - December 24th (GMT) - we are shuttering all support until January 2nd, 2022 (GMT). This includes support, issues, customisations, etc. We will still seek to process customisations submitted up till this point where possible in the 27th-30th December window (please be on the lookout for emails in case we have follow-up questions and such).

Unless it is an emergency, anything sent/filed from now on will be responded to in 2022. In the case of new customisations, any submissions should wait until we specifically open customisations again as we will be refreshing all our customisation helpfiles in the first week of January.

Thank you for your understanding,
The Lusternia Team
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