new mmignore

edited November 2021 in Mechanic's Corner
A little more complete than many others circulating.

Has a help and lets you just set defs, or misc, or affs to mmignore separately.

syntax: mmginoreall < note the 'all'>. The entirety of the code can be found inside this alias.

Understand that setting defs or misc means m&m will ignore those 'even' if you select them in defup/keepup.

Also for those of you who have patched riding to work, turn it back on if you do all, on, or misc.

Wiki here:

Direct package download link:


  • -- added direct download link so you don't have to rename file.
    -- added wiki for installation and use.
  • I downloaded! Very excited to try since I notice random curing from m&m. Thankies!

  • @Lorina if you notice random curing after. You can do pp to pause the system and then do: mmshow affs to see what m&m 'thinks' you have.
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