Mush Client: Systems?

edited November 2021 in Mechanic's Corner
So, I've been trying to find a good system to use.  Bloom seems to be a popular one from what I've seen, but it is inaccessible to me, as I am blind, using a screen reader, and Mudlet itself is inaccessible.  No text in the game window is read by the screen reader when using Mudlet.  Furthermore, Bloom uses click menus which I would assume are mouse-driven, so this would also be problematic with a screen reader.  Therefore, I can use Mushclient, but I can't find any systems for it, as it appears all public systems for Mush are dead now, at least according to what I can find on the internet.  The only things I found wer Acorn, which is apparently dead, and Crown, which is not publicly available, and I'm not sure if it's dead in terms of active development or not.  If anyone has any information on public systems that are used with Mush that aren't dead, I'd greatly appreciate it.  Alternatively, if all Mush development is, indeed, dead, and there are no public systems currently available to users of Mushclient, I'm willing to offer credits to someone who is willing to develop a system for Mush for those of us who are blind.  Price is negotiable, but I was thinking something along the lines of 100 credits up front to show that I'm serious and committed, and an additional 100 credits each month until development is completed, to a total of let's say, 500 credits.  If changes need to be made after development is completed due to game mechanics overhauls or changes, then the aforementioned 100 credit-per-month compensation would resume until modifications are completed, to a total of, we'll say 300 credits, since modifications should be less difficult than developing fundamental base code, assuming that good, clean  coding practices were implemented from the ground up.  If someone is genuinely interested in helping those of us who cannot see, has the coding knowledge to do it, and has the time and the desire to be truly committed to the project, feel free to contact me in game, or contact me privately (JLove#1410) on Discord to discuss things further.
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