Announce Post #3185: Anniversary Quiz Results

As the Festival of the Creatrix neared its end, Duck, the Confused Chicken announced a test of intelligence for the inhabitants of Lusternia. Taking a sharp turn from the previous quiz, this one focused more on the intricacies of "upright" history.

An early lead was quickly established by a pack of four: Afrit, Eritheyl, Jolanthe, and Quillianna. Through a number of twists and turns with obscure questions, each kept trading the position of first place with each other, while many others trailed well behind.

In the end, Afrit took first place, with Eritheyl and Jolanthe tying for second just one point behind. Thus were the fodder for the chicken revolution, and those who would have the privilege of taking the frontline during it, decided.

First Place (300 credits): Afrit, of Gaudiguch
Second Place (150 credits): Eritheyl, of Gaudiguch and Jolanthe, of Serenwilde
Third Place (50 credits): Quillianna, of Serenwilde
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