Announce Post #3166: the Seal of Life 2021

In the middle of Klangiary did Avechna's mighty voice shake the firmament, marking the beginning of the Seal of Life. Denizens throughout the Basin of Life found themselves succumbing to a mysterious plague as the Domotheos of Life warbled, and only the intervention of adventurers might see it stable again.

Though the plague seemed resistant at first, soon those participating found themselves making headway, and the challenge truly began. While the first few minutes saw a lethargy of action, with several furrikin remaining diseased and wanting throughout the Basin, after some study and practise Galaphyrae soon took the lead by leaps and bounds and would stay there - never once being displaced from her place.

The challenge for the remaining places was no less interesting for the gap that was presented, however, as Ashira and Ayisdra briefly struggled for the spot before Ashira found new competitors in Qillilitli, Llani, and Eritheyl. Through fierce competition over what furrikin could be found, the four quickly saw themselves divided, with Eritheyl and Ashira setting pace against each other even as Llani strove to overcome Qillilitli. It was not until the final fifteen minutes that Llani would find her pace and rocket ahead, usurping Ashira at the last moment and stealing her position by but two furrikin.

Having healed thirty-six furrikin in total, congratulations to our newest Sealbearer of Life, Galaphyrae of Serenwilde!

Second Place (700 credits): Eritheyl, of Gaudiguch (20 furrikin)
Third Place (500 credits): Llani, of Serenwilde (12 furrikin)
Fourth Place (250 credits): Ashira, of Hallifax (10 furrikin)
Fifth Place (100 credits): Qillilitli, of Hallifax (6 furrikin)
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