Announce Post #3164: The Seal of Justice 2021

Thirteen challengers gathered in the Cave of Justice to declare their desire to participate in the Challenge of Justice. The debates that ensued were well-researched and passionate, and rarely short. Shango D'Cente rose in the rankings quickly, winning the debate with almost every opponent he faced. His only loss was to Kalas Ruiku but he quickly recovered, winning the Medallion of Justice against Ruiku in the final debate. Calioliahali Skydrifter debated fiercely alongside her sister, Qillilitli Skydrifter. Both of them defeated challengers right and left but ultimately placed as third and fourth respectively. Tying right behind them were Ayisdra Ysav'rai and Veldrin D'Cente.

Congratulations, Shango!

Second Place (700 credits): Ruiku of Magnagora
Third Place (500 credits): Calioliahali of Hallifax
Fourth Place (250 credits): Qillilitli of Hallifax
Fifth Place (100 credits): Ayisdra of Hallifax and Veldrin of Magnagora
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