Announce Post #3159: The Seal of Chaos 2021

The month of Urlachmar was chaotic indeed, as the Avenger rose into the firmament to issue the Trial of Chaos to all mortals. The challenge, known to many, is a hamster hunt; but rather than simply collecting the furry rodents that proliferate across the known world, the truer trial is to keep one's grip tight around the Purple Hamster of Chaos. This mischievous creature, known to cause insanity and drunkenness within those who wield it, would randomly teleport both themselves and its wielder across the land, disorienting competitor and challenger alike.

For much of the challenge, Thalkros of Magnagora laid claim of the Hamster, being flung across the Basin of Life every so often, challenged by few. When he let go of the hamster, it was claimed by others, briefly Aeldra of New Celest, Lorina of Hallifax, even Galaphyrae of Serenwilde. But in the end, Thalkros reclaimed the anarchic creature, and held upon it until the end of the challenge, earning him the title of Sealbearer of Chaos. Congratulations, Thalkros!

Second Place (750 credits): Sutekh of Lusternia
Third Place (500 credits): Ayisdra of Hallifax
Fourth Place (250 credits): Nepenthe of Gaudiguch
Fifth Place (100 credits): Lisuarte of Serenwilde
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