Announce Post #3156: Seal of Death 2021

On 24 Avechary did Avechna's mighty voice resound through the heavens once more, decreeing that Death should once more fall across the land in an effort to repair the Domothean Seals. On 25 Avechary did He release His vigil over the land to all those who would partake in the slaughter, beginning the Trial of Death!

An explosive start soon saw Ruiku take the lead, with Thalkros trailing not too far behind. Qillilitli was the first adventurer to fall, Zagreus and the forces of Magnagora soon slaughtering further as Thalkros would overtake Ruiku to further the cause of Death. The struggle between Ruiku and Thalkros would continue, each taking the lead over the other, but Nepenthe quickly joined the fray to rise to a swift third. Though it appeared all eyes would remain upon Ruiku and Thalkros, Malarious quickly rose through the ranks, usurping first Shango to claim fourth, and then Nepenthe to take third as well!

Quickly setting about to murder and regain his position, Malarious would briefly seize the lead position before Thalkros and Ruiku would both surge as well, the three vying for first in a bloody haze of viscera and gore set to a glorious backdrop of deaths as warriors sought to harry their opponents. At the halfway mark, Thalkros would once more claim first, with Sutekh leaping forward in an attempt to take fifth from Nepenthe, who yet fought to reclaim it. As the slaughter reached its final quarter, Malarious cemented his lead over the others, and eyes turned to the scoring places of third, fourth, and fifth, where competition could still see a dramatic change in the final outcome with Nepenthe and Sutekh poised to knock each other out of the final placements. Yet a dramatic culmination would see Shango push for second, and even vie for first, but the lead Malarious garnered was simply far too great.

At the end of it all, it would be Malarious of Magnagora who stood triumphant, having wrought a bloody trail of carnage and destruction in his wake. Congratulations, Malarious, our new Sealbearer of Death!

Second Place (700 credits): Shango, of Magnagora
Third Place (500 credits): Thalkros, of Magnagora
Fourth Place (250 credits): Ruiku, of Magnagora
Fifth Place (100 credits): Sutekh, of Lusternia
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