Announce Post #3155: The Challenge of Beauty

"Wake." To stir that which has fallen to slumber, or to rouse something long left dormant or dead. A vigil held over the lost, mourned, or departed. What is left behind in the aftermath, such as that of a storm, a flood, or even a single wave. Creators of the Basin, put your minds and your crafts to work as you meditate upon this word, "Wake," Our chosen theme.

Though this single word encompasses much of the events that have occurred since Li-varili's reemergence in Lusternia, culminating in the breaking of the Seal of Justice at Her hands, know that you need not draw upon these events alone in your interpretation. The Seal of Beauty is as much inspired by your ingenuity as it is by your inherent creativity.

Let your beauteous workings spring forth from the inspiration of the word "Wake," however you interpret it; and know, as before, that the Charites shall judge your works based in part upon their relationship to this theme.
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