Announce Post #3154: Ascension Times

Please keep in mind that the times listed below are in GMT, in accordance with the Lusternia time and date as seen on TIME. While these event times are not perfect for everyone across the globe, we have tried to include as much variety as we could to account for various timezone scenarios. We hope to see you at the events!


21st August 2021
Challenge of Death - 9pm GMT
Challenge of Beauty - Submissions Open - await the announce

22nd August 2021
Challenge of Knowledge - 11pm GMT

28th August 2021
Challenge of Nature - 7pm GMT

29th August 2021
Challenge of Chaos - 5pm GMT

4th September 2021
Ascension Gala - await the invitation

11th September 2021
Challenge of Justice - 11pm GMT

12th September 2021
Challenge of War - 9pm GMT
Challenge of Beauty - Submissions Close - at weave

18th September 2021
Challenge of Life - 3pm GMT

19th September 2021
Challenge of Harmony - 3pm GMT
Challenge of Beauty - Results - 6pm GMT

25th September 2021
Final Trial of Ascension - 10pm GMT
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