Mudlet Influencer

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Me again. I saw people on the Lusternia Discord asking about an influencer for Mudlet that doesn't require mmf to work.
I made a pretty basic one to help me start out, I figured I could take it out of my system to give to people. I removed all my personalised settings and mob data I gathered, but you can add your own easily enough! To toggle influencing just type ' inf ' and then QL to start. It'll automatically use a wetfold and turn on charismaticaura when it's turned on. It doesn't have support for performances since not even my one does, but it shouldn't be hard to do. Or you can just def that up before turning it on.
To add mobs to the influencer, you'll wanna go into the 'Influence Target List' script and follow how the table is setup. I was too lazy to add a clickable thing, and make it save externally. Also right now it only does empower/charity because I was too to add the other attacks. The lines and stuff are there for it, so you can just populate the table in the base folder if you wanna use them. It also automatically applies the best oil based on the influencing type (again, only for emp/charity, but you can fix it!)
It's probably not perfect, but I hope it helps people who were wanting a standalone one!

Pew pew.
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