I miss you!

Just a quick hello, as Lusternia has been on my mind quite a bit this week (I'm using my experiences here as the subject of a blog post for a class I'm taking). Four years ago I basically dropped off the face of the earth so that I could focus on work and school. Just a few short months left until I graduate!

I can't wait to return to Lusternia, and I look forward to reconnecting with old friends (I hope there are plenty of you left!), seeing new 'faces', and rediscovering all that makes up my favorite MUD of all time. See you soon!


  • XenthosXenthos Shadow Lord
    Custom paintings are much easier now! :)
  • New person, who dis? (Xenthos put me up to this.)

    But in all seriousness, I've heard some good things here and there about you. Will be glad to meet another returning player.

    pronouns: they/them
  • I came back a few years ago too after a decade+ absence. Not all the old faces, but Xenthos is Eternal, which is a great comfort.
  • @Synl you're not joking. If I ever popped in and @Xenthoswasn't around, I'm not sure I'd believe I was in the right place! Alongside many others (@Rancoura - looking at you!) he was a huge part of my time in Lusternia. 

    @Esei Never fear, I blame Xenthos for everything. He's very solid and stoic. A perfect fit with those broad shoulders to take all kinds of blame he never actually deserves. ...and I'm glad it's only here and there. I used to be scary! :smile:
  • It is always good to see Ysav'rai people returning! While I may not be in Glomdoring anymore, it will be good to see you back in the forest soon.
  • Is this April fools

    Pls tell me this is not April fools
  • @Kalaneya I even popped in for about an hour today. Having made this post (and chatted with @Synl and @Tau ) I'm now itchier than ever!
  • I spotted you on WHO today! So glad to see you are back! YAY!

  • Welcome back.
  • AlarinAlarin Wailuku, Maui, Hawai'i
    Was glad to see you around! Also, same... If I ever logged in to no Xenthos, I'd be asking everyone where he was. :D Anyway, hope to see you around more!

    A giant panda bounds into view, flanked by a gargantuan gorilla clad in golden plate armour. They both salute as the vision fades.

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