Announce Post #3131: Major Balance Changes


We have heard your concerns regarding the uneven playing field created by vast diversity and flavour of our current combat-related skills. While we have briefly considered your initial proposal to mirror skills across archetypes, we have decided to go a step further and truly standardise how combat is carried out in Lusternia. It was more work, and we had mortal and immortal coders work around the clock on this, but we managed to create a fair framework for combat by deleting all class skills.

We realise this is a huge change that will require a lot of adjustment. To ease you all through this adjustment, we will be randomly firing off timequakes whenever somebody remembers to do so that you may practice your newfound, extremely balanced skills.

For those unfamiliar with Lusternia combat without the massive assistance of these skillsets, we would like to introduce to you your new weapons: punch, kick, and swing. The latter of these will require purchasing a weapon, which you may do at Trader Bob (TELEPORT BOB). We are currently looking into a more magical solution at this time.

Thank you,
The Lusternia Team.
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