My new blog: Muddling the Waters

I gave in and listened to the voices and started a blog. has been registered and had wordpress associated with it.

The main purpose of this blog is Mudlet development, primarily scripting and such for Mudlet but there will also be posts about adding to Mudlet I expect.

I will be starting out by making posts and videos for how I set up my development environment for making Mudlet scripts, and following the development of a new project started largely for the purpose of working through it with my readers.

In the end I hope it will be a way for people to learn some new tips and tricks for Mudlet, and to explain how and why I do the things I do when coding for Mudlet.

End shameless self-promotion


  • Yay. I do not understand the black magics y'all lua wizards create, but they make things work.
  • Part of my hope is that this will help demystify some things =)
  • Sounds excellent!
  • New blog post! This one is about setting up the development environment I use in Linux. It can be found HERE.

    Similar posts for Windows and MacOS will be coming over the next couple of weeks, but setting up a development environment in Windows is still a ridiculous pain in the ass so I have some challenges to overcome before I can provide what I hope are good instructions.

    Happy to listen to feedback, in the end these posts are meant to be helpful to others and if I can make them more useful I will.
  • New post up, highlighting some of the better new features in the Mudlet 4.11 release (4.11.2 as of now) and a few which weren't touched upon as much in the release post.

    Check it out HERE
  • New Mudlet means a new Muddler and some new blog posts!

    One of the biggest changes is the addition of a lot of new metadata for packages, such as creation time, version, and more. 

    Mudlet 4.12 highlights
    Muddler 0.7 highlights
  • Fresh new post up, this one detailing how to setup a dev environment in Windows for developing Mudlet packages using Muddler.
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