Configurable set of text gauges for health/mana/ego/power for Mudlet

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Download the mpackage from the latest release page HERE
Can configure the characters and colors used for full and empty for each gauge, font to use, minimum length of the gauges to show the percentage value at the end of the gauge. 
They are in an adjustable container, which means you can resize it and move it about and the gauges will adjust to suit.

singleColumn mode

singleColumn mode, without the percentage showing (minimum_length_for_percent set to 40 to force it not to show)

singleColumn = false


  • These look adorable!
  • Thanks! I like keeping that text-based game look by using text where I can without going too far out of my way. And I'd already written the textgauge code, just had to put it to use. Plus I tend to make my own UIs out of individual widgets I add as I decide I need them, and most of what I see shared around are for full unified UIs. 
  • QuixoteQuixote Manchester, UK
    Steals for Outpost.
  • As it so happens, I do not need to track my vitals but I am using EMCO for uhh thingso:)
  • EMCO is one of the things I'm honestly most proud of, and is useful for so much more than just chat tabs, even if that's the most immediately obvious thing it's good for. 
  • Quixote said:
    Steals for Outpost.
    I keep hearing this word Outpost... like some whisper of an echo of a possible future, or perhaps a bygone age...
  • It's lovely. My use is not super imaginative but, aside from the chat window, the other window is a tab-palooza for all sorts of debugs, events, alerts, etc.
  • Small bugfix up on github. Underlying TextGauge class was printing longer than its width, which I thought I'd guarded against but I missed a spot. 
  • With the new self-logging EMCOs, that would make logging for a lot of ooc info on harddisk smooth too. 
  • New version of the text gauges up at

    Adds an alias to save, load, and alter the configuration for the gauges. Will autoload a configuration file if one is found, though you'll need to save it manually once you get them setup how you like after the upgrade.

    But new upgrades after this one will stop nuking your configuration if you save it. This does mean once you save your config editing it in the script will no longer adjust the configuration, it'll just reload the one from disk. If you want to adjust the configuration after saving one, use the new alias. It handles setting the config options and making sure the gauges update with the new info.

    Also, adds visual overflow representation

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