Lafftrak - Lusternia Aff Tracker (Mudlet)

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Hi! I've recently been working on an aff tracker which combines GMCP aff tracking with triggers to cover symptom lines and non-gmcp carried afflictions to make something more robust than pure GMCP when it comes to tracking masked afflictions or things in blackout.

This doesn't have a ton of functionality on its own, meant more as a foundation that you can build things on top of.

the current afflictions are stored in the laff.affs table.

If anyone has any feedback, ideas for improvement, or questions, feel free to reach out here or on discord!  <3

Github page

The XML - (Right click->Save as)


  • AeldraAeldra , using cake powered flight
    So far works well for me, thanks for sharing :)
    Avatar / Picture done by the lovely Gurashi.
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