Announce Post #3074: August 2020 Artbard Results

Congratulations to our Artisanal and Bardic winners from August!

If you want to join them for September, make sure you make your submissions by the end of this month. HELP ARTBARD explains exactly how to submit. This month, enjoy submitting - and viewing! - through our brand new system (see Announce 3072).

==( Bardic Winner )==

==( Bardic Runners-up )==
Sapphira and Eldrac

==( Bardic Merit )==
Coraline, Zitto, Uzriel, and Faythe

==( Artisanal Winner )==

==( Artisanal Runners-up )==

==( Artisanal Merit )==
Esei and Lendren

You can find direct links to all of these entries on our latest website post.


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