Nexus: Highlighting a variable's value?

Let's say I have a variable in Nexus keeping track of my current target. I'd like to create a trigger so that every time the value of my current target shows up, it's printed in red.

E.g. I set my target to "Zagreus", and every mention of the word "Zagreus" will now show as red.

Is that possible in Nexus?


  • While it may take a little fiddling, I would say to start with something along these lines, filling in the blanks as necessary for what you've written.

    Art is by the wonderful Gurashi!
  • Thanks for the tip! Definitely makes sense that that would work, but I still haven't gotten it working yet. My basic setup:

    Guessing it's something wrong with the If statement. The right side I feel more confident in (my variable is called pvptar, and from other examples I see you don't need the @ in front of it). The left side I'm not too sure about, but I've tried all four of those options with 'word' and '@word'. Can anybody spot what I'm doing wrong here?
  • To close the loop here, here's what the working configuration looks like:

  • Nope, celebrated too soon - the above only highlights when the <word> is the first word in a line...still tinkering with it.
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    Change the otherwise
  • Thanks to a tip from @Kethaera on Discord, finally figured it out:

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