Chat capture issue


I'm trying to learn how to add the fancy tells to my chat capture, but because of where the name goes I'm having the worst time figuring it out.

Could someone possibly give an example of how they are capturing them on mudlet?

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  • I use colour captures, and set tells to one of the other yellows (190) so it's still basically in the default tell colour. Simplest way of handling it for my non-scripting self.

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  • TLDR: You can capture all communication (including says, tells, emotes, clans, orgs, etc) using GMCP events.

    In mudlet, you can listen to events with scripts (you'll see a big box for event name and you can choose to have the script run when the event is raised). If you have GMCP enabled, all GMCP events will raise events that can be listened to this way. The `Comm.Channel.Text` GMCP event separates out the name of the speaker and the message, so it's super handy (more details here
  • QuixoteQuixote Manchester, UK
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    I wrote this to handle it:

    Hook onto gmcp.Comm.Channel.Text.text
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